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What is Mike Sands searching for?  Mike is still out there searching for The Ultimate Truth and great original music crossing all genres.  His music has been said to have elements of rock, country, pop, adult alternative and adult contemporary and he just keeps expanding.  His new CD will only broaden his musical horizons. 

Mike’s musical identity began with his father.  He also was tough to label, he was what they called years ago “Middle of the Road”.  Mike wants to come speeding down the middle of that road at 100 miles an hour.  Mike started writing and singing when he was young but gave it up.  However the itch to make great music kept calling him back.

He teamed up with Grammy Winning Artist and Producer Paul Avgerinos, for his first two albums “Shot of Reality” and “The Ultimate Truth” and is now completing his third taking the reins himself with the help of some other great musicians in Nashville and New York. 

Mike has been featured on WHUD 107.1FM in New York as well as hundreds of stations around the world on Al Walser US Top 20 Countdown both featuring his song “Wander No More”. From his first album “Shot of Reality”, and featured on the television program Nashville Entertainment Weekly for the song “Discover Love” from “The Ultimate Truth”.  That song was then picked up and distributed worldwide by Bongo Boy Records for their Love Is Vol.3 compilation.  Mike has played shows in New York and Connecticut including being chosen as the local opening act on the national tour of The Classic Crime in 2017.  

With the release of his third album he plans on playing many more shows.  Stay tuned for the new album and tour dates. 

Keeping a steady rhythm with clear eyed focus is Mike Sands’ powerful “Discover Love”. Everything works from the way the sound sparkles to the hopeful demeanor that rises from the lyricism. Layer upon layer swirls into the mix giving it a holistic flavor.

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“Uplifting, thoughtful and fun. His songs are completely delightful!”

PAUL AVGERINOS, Grammy® Winning Artist and Producer

“…it references past traditions of hard rock…but exclaims its own contemporary voice.”

CHRISTOPHER HERBERT, Grammy® Nominated Singer with New York Polyphony

“Tom Petty…Jackson Brown…comes to mind. Raw, Honest…carries a great overall easy feel!”

AL WALSER, Grammy® Nominated Artist, Producer and Radio Personality